10 years of experience in Ultrasound, X-Ray and Mammography 

Scarborough Radiologists has a team dedicated to making sure you’re seen on time and getting the job done right. We accept walk-ins throughout our day, so there’s no need for an appointment if it doesn’t fit into your schedule! Our extended hours ensure that

we can work around any other obligations or plans–you’ll always find someone who understands how important this is (we know what pain points affect most people). And with personal care included in every procedure at Vpm imaging; patients report feeling relaxed after their visit because they feel cared about all along each step of the way.

Why choose Scarborough Radiologists

  • 25 years of experience in Ultrasound and X-Ray
  • Experienced team of Radiologists and Technologists
  • We are one of the best clinics in GTA
  • Reports are sent to your doctor within 24 hours
  • Urgent reports are sent same day
  • Open 7 days a week

Scarborough Radiologists is the go-to place for all your diagnostic needs. We offer top-class services in a comfortable and convenient community setting, accessible by public transit! Whether you’re just looking to book an appointment or want us on speed dial as one of YOUR trusted Ultrasound clinics – we would love it if could see yourself coming through our doors soon (we know how busy life can be). Our staff are highly trained professionals who specialize only in excellence; there isn’t anything they won’t do when providing customer service at Scarborough Radiologists.


Please enter dates and times you will be available for an appointment. This will enable us to book your appointment quickly.

Scarborough Radiologists

With an experienced team of Radiologists and Technologists, we are one of the best clinics in GTA.

Address: 3000 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough, ON, M1P 2V2

Phone: (416) 438-6636

Email: info@onfoldseo.com

What does our customer say about us?

I had an appointment today for ultrasound and x-ray.Everyone I dealt with was polite , professional and pleasant. COVID protocols were followed and the offices were very clean.

Anita O'connell

Excellent service. Carona is so friendly at the reception desk. Made my day. I would always go to this clinic from now on. Both my xray and mammogram were done very professionally.

K Niko

Yes, you will need a requisition from your doctor or nurse practitioner for all examinations.

If you have time to prepare before the exam, we ask that you shower, refrain from wearing scented products (due to patients and employees with allergies) and wear clothing that is easily removed if necessary. T-shirts with no heavy appliqué and elastic waist pants or shorts are ideal and in many cases these can be x-rayed through. You may be asked to remove items that may interfere with the exam such as earrings, necklaces, glasses, dentures (upper spine), belly button rings (lower spine), nylons, tensor bandages, and splints (unless otherwise advised by your doctor). It is recommended that you leave valuables at home as the clinics do not have a secure location to store these items.

You should not have an x-ray during the first trimester of your pregnancy. If your doctor approves an x-ray during your pregnancy this will be indicated on your requisition and lead shielding can be applied to your abdominal region.

We request that you do not bring children with you to your exam. To prevent exposure to the radiation they cannot enter the x-ray rooms with you. Because our staff needs to focus on other patients they are not able to supervise children in the waiting room. Please arrange to leave the children at home or to bring another adult to watch them in the waiting room.

General exams can range from 10 minutes in length (finger) to 45 minutes (complete spine or skeletal survey).

Our technologists are registered and are specially trained to perform your exam, but only radiologists are qualified to interpret your results. For this reason, our technologists cannot discuss what they see with you.

You have the option to purchase a CD of your images. Please ask the receptionist about the fee and processing time for this service.

Your results are reviewed first by the radiologist and the report is usually faxed to your doctor by the end of the day. Urgent results will be phoned or faxed to your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor also has the option to view your results online.